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Course: Mindfulness-Based Sustainable Transformation

courses upcoming Oct 03, 2022

Address the climate crisis now. Develop the inner resources to take action and mitigate eco-anxiety and climate grief. This highly interactive and collaborative course is based on the successful Inner Green Deal program developed for the European Commission.

An 8-week course addressing the climate crisis with mindfulness LIVE-Online

Live Sessions: Wednesdays, October 26 2022 - December 14 2022 from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM PT // 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET // 6:00-8:00 PM BST

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A mindful journey to explore the link between the inner dimension of sustainability (purpose, inner qualities) and the outer dimension (behaviour change, pro-environmental action and collaboration), gaining clarity about your role and collaborating with like-minded changemakers on concrete ways to take climate action. This new course is based on the successful Inner Green Deal program developed for the European Commission (conducted several times with EU institutions, among others) and is composed of 8 impactful interactive modules. 8 live online workshops are enriched by a Social Learning Platform and an App to allow further exchange with your fellow participants and to deepen your experience, knowledge and practice.

“Even if I now know much more about the scale of the crisis, I feel less anxious because it is now clearer to me how I can contribute in a meaningful way” - MBST, Course Participant

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Interested in learning how to facilitate the MBST course? Completion of this live-online course is a prerequisite for MBST facilitator training launching March 2023. Check out the FAQ for more details.

Facilitators: Liane Stephan MA & Katharina Buchgeister

Liane Stephan MA is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Awaris and Co-Founder of the Inner Green Deal Initiative, delivering evidence-based mindfulness training to Fortune 500 organizations internationally and mindful leadership development for Members of the EU and UK Parliaments.

As a facilitator and systemic coach for leaders in politics and business, Katharina focuses on the ”inner human dimension” and genuine collaboration as important levers for sustainable transformation. She combines 20 years international business background with expertise in mindfulness, holistic inner development and systemic transformation. Katharina is part of the Inner Green Deal initiative and co-founder of the Facilitators for Future.

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