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An Online Course Giving You Evidence-Based Strategies to Transform Trauma, Stress and Fear.


Gain effective strategies for creating compassionate and authentic safety with oneself and others, managing trauma, and cultivating sustainable healing.



Trauma and challenging emotions profoundly impact overall well-being. When we lack adequate tools to support healing and growth, we may find ourselves…

  • Feeling stuck in repetitive patterns

  • Worried that our assistance is ineffective

  • Overwhelmed by negative narrative

  • Struggling to establish safety and connection with those we aim to help

Trauma and emotional health challenges are on the rise, making the need for effective coping and healing strategies more critical than ever. Our course equips you with science-backed tools and insights that not only support healing but also foster embodied self-growth and authentic connection. Whether you're a health professional or someone on a personal wellness journey, these techniques offer a sustainable path to transform trauma and improve mental health.


Learn From a Leader in Trauma-Informed Integrative Recovery.

Dr. Farah Jindani is a Professor, Clinician and Expert in Trauma-Informed Integrative Recovery. Her work has been featured in leading academic, clinical and research institutions.


Healing Trauma with Integrative Approaches offers a unique opportunity to advance trauma-informed integrative recovery for individuals facing the challenges of trauma. This course, spread across four modules, presents scientifically-backed strategies for creating compassionate and authentic safety with oneself and others, managing stress and trauma, and cultivating transformative and sustainable healing. It's designed for health professionals and mindfulness facilitators interested in complementing conventional support methods with a holistic approach to self-transformation and growth.

Tune in now and hear all about the course from Farah Jindani PhD.


This course will equip you with the ability to:

Seamlessly integrate mindfulness into your practice sdfsdfsdfdsfdfdfdfdfdfdsdf

Transform trauma and empower, connect and build resilience with your clients

Cultivate embodied self-growth in your personal and professional life dsfdfdfdfdfdfdf

About The Course


This online course combines science-backed methods to foster authentic safety, manage stress, and heal trauma, aiming for sustainable well-being. Designed for health professionals and mindfulness facilitators, it enhances your support toolkit with holistic self-transformation strategies. The curriculum unfolds across four modules, covering key topics from foundational healing principles to advanced resilience-building. You'll learn how to transition from states of fear and isolation to cultivating safe, compassionate connections, thereby elevating your impact and effectiveness.

In this course, we will:

  • Explore healing and embodied self-growth, fostering greater connection and sustainable transformation of trauma and mental health
  • Delve into scientific research related to the values of connection, compassion and collaboration
  • Practice strategies for cultivating kindness, presence, and compassion to navigate life's challenges

Course includes:

  • 4¬†Learning modules on-demand
  • 6HRS of instruction, including on-demand replays
  • Guided audio practices, course readings, and worksheets
  • Access to a private community and support
  • ‚Ķ and more!

Active practices and professional skill development:

  • Energy/stress thermometer
  • Movement (shake it off)
  • Contact points mindfulness practice
  • Dropping into our breath
  • Box breathing
  • Discussion questions in break-out group (building of community)
  • Coherent breathing
  • Art practice
  • Self-holding practice
  • Self-anchoring practice

 * Research conducted on trauma healing indicates that embodied interventions are most effective for treatment outcomes.


Course Includes

4 On-Demand Modules

Access 6HRS of instruction, including replays on-demand

Learning Materials

Guided audio practices, course readings and worksheets

Social Platform + App

Connect with professionals and practitioners 



Learn proven integrative approaches for healing trauma


What People Are Saying About Dr. Farah Jindani’s Work


"I was very impressed with Farah and this excellent training. So much I can apply to my work. Farah is really amazing!"

"Trauma-informed training is essential to so many disciplines. Farah is extremely skilled at teaching high-level concepts and making them practical, relevant and understandable. I would highly recommend it."


“Farah is inspirational! She is an excellent facilitator and very knowledgeable and compassionate."

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Meet Your Instructor 

Dr. Farah Jindani

Farah Jindani, Ph.D., brings 17 years of expertise in mental health and trauma to her role as a clinician, educator, and researcher. She's renowned for her groundbreaking work at CAMH and with Harvard University in integrative treatments, particularly using Kundalini yoga to address post-traumatic stress.

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