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An Online Course Giving You Access to Safe and Effective Practices for Neurodiverse Minds


Experience neurodiversity-informed practices, learn the language to use when working with neurodiverse people, and understand the challenging impact and negative consequences of rigid mindfulness practices for neurodivergent minds.



Mindfulness for neurodivergent minds can be overwhelming. Without the right practices, people can…

  • Become triggered or hurt  

  • Lose trust in themselves and the facilitator

  • Experience increased anxiety, panic, and shutdown

This can lead to challenging circumstances that result in people discontinuing their practice and losing the valuable benefits that mindfulness can offer. Neurodiversity-informed mindfulness has helped neurodiverse communities all over the world experience the benefits of mindfulness. These practices can work for you too.


Learn From a Leader in Neurodiversity and Accessibility

Professionals and people seeking to learn mindfulness from these featured organizations have experienced this course.


Neurodiversity-Informed Mindfulness gives you practical tools to incorporate neurodiversity-informed mindfulness practices into your work and life. You will learn about neurodiversity, how different brain profiles experience mindfulness and science-based insights and practices to make the benefits of mindfulness accessible to everyone.

Watch now to learn about the course from the founder of Neurodiversity-Informed Mindfulness, Sue Hutton, MSW/RSW.


By attending this course, you will gain:

Safe and effective practices for neurodivergent minds

Language to use when working with neurodivergent populations

Latest methods and tools to offer neurodiversity-informed options

About The Course


This course will provide you with practical tools to incorporate neurodiversity-informed techniques into your mindfulness practice offerings. Each week, you will participate in neurodiversity-informed practices guided by Sue Hutton’s expertise in her work with the research team at the CAMH Azrieli Adult Neurodevelopmental Centre. Each module will enhance your toolkit and guide you in finding accessible ways of teaching mindfulness to neurodiverse communities, such as breath, body and movement, art and music practices.

"When I’m told to focus on sensations of my breath, I feel like there is a noose wrapped around my neck, getting tighter and tighter as I keep paying attention.”

This quote is from an autistic person who participated in a mindfulness program with Sue Hutton at the CAMH Azrieli Adult Neurodevelopmental Centre and is part of the reason Sue is so committed to finding accessible ways of teaching mindfulness to neurodiverse communities.

Course includes:

  • 6 HRs of high-quality on-demand video lessons spread over 4 weeks
  • 20 innovative neurodiversity-informed mindfulness practices and worksheets
  • Access to a private community
  • Lifetime access to course content + replays
  • Guided audio practices + professional transcripts
  • Resources: PDF downloads, articles and guides
  • Certificate of Completion + Digital Credential

Practices, activities and worksheets:

  • Worksheet - Neurodiversity-informed Breath Practice - 3 Sense Tools
  • Worksheet - Neurodiversity-informed Breath - Reflection Practice
  • Worksheet - Neurodiversity-informed Body Practice - 3 Sense Tools
  • Worksheet - Neurodiversity-informed Body Reflection Practice
  • Worksheet - Neurodiversity-informed Walking Meditation—5 Ways to Practice
  • Worksheet - Neurodiversity-informed Walking Meditation Reflection Practice
  • Neurodiversity-Informed Breath Practice (15-min)
  • Body Meditation Practice - Tense-Release-Notice (15-min)
  • Body Meditation Practice - Imagery - Melting Ice Cream (15-min)
  • Body Meditation Practice - Heartbeat (15-min)
  • Movement Practice - Bird Wings Movement (3-min)
  • Movement Practice - Walking with 2 Points of Focus (10-min)
  • Spacewalk - Walking Practice with Music (10-min)
  • Walking Meditation with No Music (20-min)
  • Walking Meditation with No Music (15-min)
  • Music meditation (10-min)
  • Mindful Art Practice - Drawing the Breath (10-min)
  • Mindful Art Practice - Mindful Flower Breath Art (10-min)

*Research conducted at CAMH, one of the world’s leading mental health research hospitals, has shown these practices make mindfulness accessible to neurodiverse populations.


Course Includes

On-demand Lessons

Access 6HRs of high quality video instruction at your own pace ;alskdjf;lsdkjfas;ldkfj

Learning Materials

20 Guided audio practices, course readings and worksheets iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Private Community

Connect with professionals and practitioners in a private course community



Learn the proven methods to practice safe and effective mindfulness for neurodiverse communities.


What People Are Saying About Sue Hutton’s Training:


“You will learn simple techniques that can easily be tweaked to different populations and environments."

- Leslie Benedetto, Exercise Physiologist, Yoga Instructor and mother of 3 autistic young adults.

"Very grounded, practical, and actionable principles, examples and teachings. Love the embodied practices. Great resources in the portal as well."

- Jackie Rodriguez Bronico Physician, Researcher, Mental Health First Aid Instructor, and Mindfulness Facilitator.


"Sue is so knowledgeable about this topic so I learned a lot. Also, she is so open and inviting so it made the sessions so engaging."

- Liz Pang, Neuroscientist.

"This was one of the most enjoyable and practice-changing courses I've ever taken! It's something that is changing my practice as a mindfulness coach, and everyone I've told about it has been so interested and excited about the subject. There is such a huge need for this within mindfulness coaching/teaching, so I really would highly recommend this to everyone! "  - Rachel Whitty, Registered Pharmacist, Certified Health Executive.

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Meet Your Instructor 

Sue Hutton MSW/RSW

Sue started her formal path in mindfulness training in 1985. Sue's 30+ year career as a social worker and concentration on disability advocacy allows her to add a special perspective to traditional mindfulness techniques. Sue's specialized focus is on mindfulness & neurodiversity, and accessibility. Sue has had the privilege of teaching over a thousand people mindfulness in a wide range of communities - from the disability community to cancer care, education settings and more. Sue completed Jon Kabat-Zinn's Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) intensive for leaders in 2007, and has since modified the MBSR tools in research with the CAMH Azrieli Adult Neurodevelopmental Centre programs for autistic adults and caregivers. In Sue's eyes, each person brings their perfect and unique self to mindfulness and deserves an accessible path to learning the practices. Sue focuses the majority of her work these days on supporting mindfulness in neurodiverse communities - their support staff and caregivers.


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