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Monthly Events with Thought Leaders 

Presentations, panels, ask-me-anythings, and guided practices from thought leaders will inspire you. Our featured speakers include:

  • Rick Hanson PhD
  • Sara Lazar PhD
  • Jud Brewer MD PhD
  • Sharon Salzberg
  • Michelle C. Chatman MSW PhD
  • Thupten Jinpa PhD

Science-based LIVE and On-Demand Courses & Summits

Access to LIVE-online courses + on-demand summits, workshops and courses ($5,540 value), including:

  • Managing Chronic Pain with Mindfulness (Dr. Jackie Gardner-Nix)
  • Mindfulness Tools for Anxiety and Depression (Dr. Patricia Rockman)
  • Applying Mindfulness in the Workplace (Michele Milan MA and Michael Apollo MHSc)
  • Creating a Practice That Lasts (Elisha Goldstein PhD)
  • + Mindful Parenting Methods for Neurodiverse Children, Dealing with Grief and Loss, and more!

An Inspiring Community

Even if you're the only mindfulness practitioner or professional in your community, you're not alone. Join our digital community and community forum to connect with like-minded people across the globe. Not only will you share and exchange best practices, but you will contribute to advancing mindfulness around the world.

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