The Science & Spirit of Mindful Parenting & Caregiving


Embark on a transformative FREE one-hour virtual learning event focused on mindful caregiving for youth, designed to empower parents and caregivers in nurturing the well-being and resilience of young individuals.


Led by Dr. Christopher Willard, this event offers valuable insights to deepen your understanding of what influences your parenting style, along with practical tools to support you in your role as a conscious and proactive parent or caregiver. 


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You’ll Learn Three Insights to Inform Your Mindful Practice


Gain valuable insights into what influences your parenting style to support your role as a conscious and proactive parent or caregiver.


Benefit from effective parenting techniques informed by neuroscience, spirituality and child development.

Build Your Toolkit

Participate in a foundational mindfulness exercise from the upcoming MSGI online course Mindful Parenting for Resilience and Well-being.


About The Speaker

Dr. Chris Willard

Dr. Christopher Willard, (Psy. D.), is a Harvard Medical School Faculty, clinical psychologist and author of 20 books. His work has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post,, and His books include Growing Up Mindful (2016) and How we Grow Through What we Go Through. (2022)

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