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Empower Your Parenting Journey: Nurturing Resilience, Joy, and Ethical Values in Children


An online course offering practical techniques for creating deep family bonds, managing stress, and raising joyful, resilient, and ethically aware children. Perfect for those keen to blend traditional methods with a mindfulness-informed approach.


Parenting is a challenging role that can be overwhelming, affecting all aspects of life. Without the right tools and practices for mindful parenting, caregivers may:

  • Feel overwhelmed and stressed

  • Find it hard to effectively manage the dual challenges of raising children while maintaining their well-being

  • Struggle to deepen their connection with their children and establish a nurturing environment that promotes emotional wellness and adaptability

With the guidance of our course, you'll gain the confidence to skillfully manage your emotions and understand your children's emotional needs, creating a balanced, healthy, and empowering environment.


Learn From a Leader in Mindful Parenting

Dr. Chris Willard (Psy. D.) is a Harvard Medical School Faculty, clinical psychologist and author of 20 books. His work has been featured in national and international media outlets.


Mindful Parenting for Resilience and Well-being is your one-stop solution to enhance your caregiving journey. This course, spread across four modules, presents science-backed strategies to nurture family connections, manage stress, and cultivate ethical and joyful children. It is designed to benefit caregivers, helping them enhance their parenting skills, understand their patterns, and positively impact family dynamics.

Tune in now and hear all about the course from Dr. Chris Willard.


This course will equip you with…

Deepened Family Connections 

Enhanced Caregiving Skills

Empowered and Resilient Parenting

About The Course


In our contemporary world, parenting with mindfulness and compassion is crucial. This 4-module online course is tailored for professionals, parents, and individuals aiming for a mindful life. Discover new strategies, engage with a community, and ensure a lasting positive impact on future generations.


In this course, we will:

  • Explore our mindful values as parents or caregivers, and learn fun ways to reduce stress and foster meaningful connections as a family
  • Explore ways to let go of perfectionism and other limiting beliefs derived from our upbringing and the larger culture while nurturing values of simplicity, ethical consumption and compassionate communication
  • Practice strategies to cultivate kindness, generosity and gratitude in daily life in and out of the family
  • Cultivate mindful approaches to challenging topics by considering timeless questions around sex, drugs, power and privilege

Course includes:

  • 4 Modules spread over 4 weeks
  • Innovative mindfulness practices and exercises
  • Access to a private community
  • Guided audio practices + professional transcripts
  • Lifetime access to course content + replays
  • Resources: PDF downloads, articles and guides
  • Course completion certificate + Digital Credential

 * Research conducted on mindfulness has shown these practices effectively reduce parental burnout and stress, enhance children’s mental health and secure attachment, and improve children’s behaviour by reducing parental mental health symptoms.


Course Includes

4 Online Modules

Access 6HRS of instruction, including replays on-demand

Learning Materials

Guided audio practices, course readings and worksheets

Social Platform + App

Connect with professionals and practitioners 



Unlock research-driven methods to nurture connections and resilience as you face parenting challenges


Practices in this course are drawn from evidence-based mindfulness programs. Research conducted on these programs has found that mindfulness:

What People Are Saying About Dr. Chris Willard’s Work:


"Child's Mind is a wonderful reminder that every young person is capable of great understanding, compassion, and joy."

Thich Nhat Hanh

"Christopher Willard’s delightful book Child’s Mind makes the wonder and transformative power of mindfulness meditation accessible to everyone. His elegantly simple practices are a joy to read and will impact kids and families for generations to come."

Susan Kaiser Greenland


“A wonderful approach to learning mindfulness- full of great skills, practical tools, and enormously helpful wisdom."

Jack Kornfield

"Growing up Mindful is filled with wisdom and expert guidance in sharing the blessings of mindfulness with young people. Drawing on his vast experience as a teacher, clinician and practitioner, Chris Willard provides the kind of practical, doable exercises and reflections that will help you bring mindfulness alive in all the situations of daily life."  Tara Brach

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Meet Your Instructor 

Dr. Chris Willard (Psy. D.)

Dr. Chris Willard (Psy. D.) is a faculty member at Harvard Medical School and stands at the forefront of mindful parenting and caregiving. As a clinical psychologist, he's penned over 20 books, including notable titles "Growing Up Mindful" (2016) and "How We Grow Through What We Go Through" (2022). Highlighted by The New York Times, The Washington Post, mindful.org, and cnn.com, his insights delve deeply into fostering resilience, balance, and emotional regulation in children and families. Dr. Willard’s expertise is further enriched by his hands-on experience aiding individuals, families, and institutions in navigating anxiety, depression, and stress-related challenges. Acclaimed internationally as a speaker, his teachings at Harvard and collaborations with global mindfulness organizations underscore his significant influence in weaving mindfulness into modern caregiving.

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  • Four online modules spread over 4 weeks including over 6 hours of audio and video instruction
  • Lifetime access to this course's session replays
  • Access to the private course community
  • Gain a certificate of completion recognizing your knowledge
  • Comprehensive Learning Portal with guided practices, transcripts, and course materials


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