Gain the Inner & Outer Transformation Needed for Climate Change

A live-online 8-week course piloted at EU Institutions 🇪🇺


Address the climate crisis now. Develop the inner resources you need to take action and mitigate eco-anxiety and climate grief. Mindfulness-based Sustainable Transformation is a highly interactive course based on the successful Inner Green Deal program piloted at EU Institutions.


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Climate Change is Overwhelming

If you don’t have a guide and the right practices…

Anxiety and climate grief continues or increases

You postpone taking constructive climate action 

You feel disconnected from planet and purpose

And this leads to worry and constantly thinking about your environmental impact and what you can do. We don’t want that for you. This course has enabled hundreds of people across EU Institutions with the insights and practices to grow their abilities to take action now. These insights and practices will work for you too.


Be the First to Join Leaders Making a Difference

Piloted at EU Institutions and leading organizations MBST is now available to the public for the very first time.


How will the Mindfulness-based Sustainable Transformation course help you learn the latest methods for climate change?

Watch now to learn about the course from Inner Green Deal founder, Liane Stephan MA.


In this course you will achieve this transformation:

Decreased eco-anxiety and climate grief 

Clarity in your role on how you can make a difference 

Deepened connection to the planet and your purpose

About The Course

Experience a highly interactive and experiential 8-week live-online course piloted at EU Institutions. This course will develop your inner and outer dimensions of sustainability: from higher purpose and inner qualities, to behaviour change and concrete projects.

Course includes:

  • 16HRs video content spread over 8 sessions
  • Template to create your climate action plan
  • Access to a private community
  • Guided audio practices
  • Resources: PDF downloads, articles and guides

*Fresh off a successful pilot at the European Commission, MBST is now available for open enrolment and FREE to Institute members, for the very first time. 




Course Includes

8 LIVE-Online Sessions

Access 16+ hrs of instruction including replays on-demand

Learning Materials

Guided audio practices, course readings and practice transcripts

Social Platform + App

Connect with like-mined people in a private course community



Learn the proven method to take constructive action towards climate change...


What People are Saying About The Course

"Before I would often feel overwhelmed and stressed about the enormity of the crisis. Now I feel more connected, more balanced and inspired to be part of a generation who can still make a difference"

"Super well balanced between content, reflection, exercises and sharing in full and small groups"

"Even if I now know much more about the scale of the crisis, I feel less anxious because it is now clearer to me how I can contribute in a meaningful way"

"Really liked the format and the space for self-reflection and connection with others"

“It has really been amazing and transforming!”

“This has really been a wonderful journey. Looking forward to continue it together!”

Learners who take this course... 


Understand how impactful climate actions arise from a compassionate, courageous and resilient mind

Develop skills in self-regulation, well-being and constructive outlook, supported by daily practices

Change specific habits which shape your personal and our shared environment

Earn a course certificate of completion

Become eligible for MBST facilitator training (launching March 2023)

Meet Your Instructors 

Liane Stephan MA

Liane Stephan is the co-founder of the Inner Green Deal, a non-profit organization providing training based on the premise that outer change is closely linked to inner change. Inner Green Deal was established to support the European Commission and its goal is to make participants more aware of the interdependence of all life on this planet. As an expert in exploring the inner dimension, Liane believes this is the path to social justice and a loving relationship with self, others and the environment.

Katharina Buchgeister

Katharina focuses on the ”inner human dimension” and genuine collaboration as important levers for sustainable transformation. She combines 20 years international business background with expertise in mindfulness, holistic inner development and systemic transformation. Katharina is part of the Inner Green Deal initiative and co-founder of the Facilitators for Future. Katharina's intention is to build a thriving community of change makers who are committed to our planet and its inhabitants and who are brave enough to lead, regardless of the odds.

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