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Gain the Inner & Outer Transformation Needed for Climate Change

An on-demand 8-week course¬†piloted at EU Institutions¬†ūüá™ūüáļ


Address the climate crisis now. Develop the inner resources you need to take action and mitigate eco-anxiety and climate grief. Mindfulness-Based Sustainable Transformation is a highly interactive research validated course based on the successful Inner Green Deal program piloted at EU Institutions.



Climate Change is Overwhelming

If you don’t have a guide and the right practices…

Anxiety and climate grief continues or increases

You postpone taking constructive climate action 

You feel disconnected from planet and purpose

This leads to anxiety and unproductive thoughts about our environmental impact, when we could be using our knowledge proactively. This course has enabled hundreds across EU Institutions to gain insights and practices in order to grow their abilities to take action now. These insights and practices will work for you too.


Be One of the First to Join Leaders Making a Difference

Piloted at EU Institutions and leading organizations and building on incredible feedback MBST is now offered as a core programme at the Institute. By participating in this course you will qualify for MBST facilitator training.


How will the Mindfulness-Based Sustainable Transformation course help you learn the latest methods for climate change?

Watch now to learn about the course from Inner Green Deal founder, Liane Stephan MA.


In this course you will achieve this transformation:

Decreased eco-anxiety and climate grief 

Clarity in your role on how you can make a difference 

Deepened connection to the planet and your purpose

About The Course

Experience a highly interactive and experiential 8-week online course piloted at EU Institutions. This course will develop your inner and outer dimensions of sustainability: from higher purpose and inner qualities, to behavior change and concrete projects.

Course includes:

  • 16HRs on-demand high quality video content spread over 8 sessions
  • Template to create your climate action plan
  • Access to a private community
  • Guided audio practices
  • Resources: PDF downloads, articles and guides



Course Includes

8 Learning Modules

Access 16+ hrs of instruction including replays on-demand

Learning Materials

Guided audio practices, course readings and practice transcripts

Social Platform + App

Connect in a private course community



Learn the proven method to take constructive action towards climate change...


Research on this MBST course has shown

What People are Saying About the Course

"Before I would often feel overwhelmed and stressed about the enormity of the crisis. Now I feel more connected, more balanced and inspired to be part of a generation who can still make a difference"

"Super well balanced between content, reflection, exercises and sharing in full and small groups"

"Even if I now know much more about the scale of the crisis, I feel less anxious because it is now clearer to me how I can contribute in a meaningful way"

"Really liked the format and the space for self-reflection and connection with others"

“It has really been amazing and transforming!”

“This has really been a wonderful journey. Looking forward to continue it together!”

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Meet Your Instructors 


Tessa Watt

Tessa is an experienced mindfulness teacher, excited to support culture change that is about creating healthy systems in the workplace, and helping humans to flourish. She leads Mindfulness training for MPs, Peers and their staff in the UK Houses of Parliament (2015-present) and is recognized by the UK Network for Mindfulness Teachers. Tessa has a strong connection to nature and through her extensive wisdom in inner development , she wants to contribute to a green and fair society by her means. As being part of the Inner Green Deal she wants to bring the MBST program to the worldwide mindfulness community so that they can pass it on to their own local communities.


Grattan Donnelly

Grattan is an experienced coach, coach trainer, mindfulness teacher and facilitator passionately interested in how we can create a better world for all life. He integrates systems perspectives, neuroscience, mindfulness, somatic and nature practices into all his work, facilitating people to do deep transformational work, and contribute to a healthier planet and more peaceful world. He co-facilitates the "Courageous Coaching - having conversations that matter course" and as part of the Inner Green Deal initiative is excited to bring this work to a wider audience.

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  • Full Access to the "Mindfulness-Based Sustainable Transformation" on-demand course
  • Lifetime access¬†to¬†all modules and¬†session replays
  • Become eligible for MBST Facilitator Training¬†
  • Access to the private course community
  • Gain a certificate of completion recognizing your knowledge
  • Comprehensive Learning Portal with guided practices, transcripts, and course materials





  • Full Access to "Mindfulness-Based Sustainable Transformation" course¬†
  • Unlimited Access to all MSGI live-online and on-demand courses (Total value of $7,140)
  • Exclusive Invitations to monthly learning events featuring renowned industry leaders
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