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What is a digital credential?

Digital credentials are web-based confirmations of your accomplishment. Your digital credential will enable you to:

  • Showcase your achievement to your network. You can display your digital credential on your LinkedIn profile, other social media platforms, career websites, online resume, or as part of your digital signature.
  • Validate your qualifications to potential employers. Mindful Society Global Institute credentials are fully authenticated and secure, ensuring that they offer instant verification of your credential. As a result, your digital credential can help to expedite the employer verification process, allowing you to quickly validate your qualifications to potential employers.
  • Communicate a detailed description of the work involved in earning your certification. Your digital credential provides a detailed account of your acquired expertise, as it encompasses a course overview and a comprehensive list of core competencies and skills.

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Where do I find my digital credential?

After completing your course, you will receive an email from Mindful Society Global Institute within five business days, containing a distinctive URL to complete a survey and access your digital credential. To view your credential, simply click on this link.

How can I download my digital credential?

You can download and save your digital credential and include your digital credential in a repository, access your credential and click on the 'Share' icon, followed by 'Download'. This generates an SVG file that can be imported into any repository that supports the Open Badges framework.

What are the methods for sharing my digital credential?

You can share your digital credential using various methods, such as a link, PDF, or QR code, and there is no limit to the number of times you can share it. Your credential can be shared on multiple social and professional networks, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Additionally, you can send the unique link through email, embed it on your resume, website, or email signature. If you choose to download the PDF, you'll receive a QR code that links to your credential, which can also be shared.

The easiest way to share your credential on LinkedIn is to:

To add your digital credential to LinkedIn, click on the "Add to LinkedIn" button provided in the email containing your unique URL. This will redirect you to your LinkedIn profile, then go to the 'Licenses and Certifications' section of your profile and input your name, Issuing organization (Mindful Society Global Institute), and the course name. You do not need to complete any other fields, simply click "Save".

Share your credential on LinkedIn with these steps:

  • Select ‘Add Profile Section’
  • Select ‘Recommended’
  • Select ‘licenses and certifications’
  • Enter your credential name as it appears on your digital credential in the ‘Name’ field
  • Enter “Mindful Society Global Institute” in the ‘Issuing organization’ field*
  • Ensure that ‘This credential does not expire’ is checked
  • Leave ‘Credential ID’ field blank
  • Enter the month and year indicated on your credential in the ‘Issue date’ field
  • Add your unique URL in the ‘Credential URL’ field
  • Select ‘Save’ and your credential will appear in the ‘licenses and certifications’ section

Here’s  an example of how to add your credential to LinkedIn:

After clicking "Save", your credential will appear as in the screenshot below:

In what way does my digital credential verify that I have completed my coursework?

Digital credentials, despite being digital image files, contain verified data that sets them apart from traditional paper credentials in terms of reliability and security. This verified data allows digital credentials to be authenticated online in real-time, enabling swift validation of your accomplishment. Our credentials adhere to the Open Badges format and are integrated into the blockchain, offering the highest level of certification for professional use of micro-credentials.

What are the ways in which my employer can use my credential to confirm my course completion?

Your employer can confirm the validity of your course completion with a single click on your digital credential. Clicking on your credential or scanning the QR code allows your employer to authenticate both your identity and the digital credential itself.

Who should I contact if there is an issue with my digital credential?

Please email our team at [email protected]