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MSGI is the global online learning platform for science-based mindfulness training to support well-being and professional development.


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Leaders and Workplace Wellness Champions from Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, NGOs and governments have enhanced their wellness cultures with the Mindful Leader Program.

Organizations face increased health and well-being challenges, with burnout, emotional exhaustion, and mental health issues impacting productivity, collaboration, and workplace experience.

Failing to adopt a strategic approach to support workforce resilience and well-being can have cascading effects:

  • Workforce mental health and well-being may persistently face negative repercussions.

  • Employees might experience a lack of support at work, thereby influencing their overall workplace satisfaction.

  • The organizational culture may undergo a decline.

This, in turn, results in diminished retention rates and lowered productivity.
MSGI programs have successfully empowered over 75,000 employees worldwide, fostering mindfulness at work, enhancing resilience, and promoting well-being. These validated practices can also benefit your organization.

Research on MSGI workplace programs has shown that they positively affect employee health, resilience, and well-being.

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Our Programs Include

By registering for MSGI programs, every participant gains access to valuable resources, including:

LIVE Online Sessions

Live training with a certified workplace mindfulness trainer dfdf

Guided Practices

Exercises for stress, focus and resilience backed by scientific research

E-Learning Platform

LMS includes articles, guides and videos that supplement the training

Touchpoint Emails

Weekly ongoing support, reminders and additional insights

Digital Credential

Shareable credentials acknowledging leadership in workplace wellness



Connect with professionals and practitioners in a private community

How We Identify, Develop, and Engage Your Most Motivated Employees.

Our three-phase approach identifies highly motivated employees who champion workplace wellness and empowers them to improve their workplace wellness culture.

Introductory Webinar 

Offered organization-wide, attracts the most curious staff, engaging them with science-based mindfulness and well-being tools for direct application in their work environment.

Foundational Training 

Offered only to select staff, equipping them with validated practical workplace mindfulness and resilience-building strategies and practices. Customized Sessions.

Ongoing Digital Micro-Learning 

MSGI Program graduates receive curated ongoing live and on-demand support to sustain their skills and apply their knowledge within their teams, promoting a culture of wellness.

What People are Saying About The Mindful Leader Program

Earn Your Mindfulness and Well-Being Digital Credential to Become a Trusted Source in Workplace Wellness in Your Organization.

A digital credential is a digital certificate acknowledging your skills and achievements and will enable you to:

  • Showcase your achievement to your network. Display your credential on your social media platforms, online resume, or as part of your digital signature.
  • Validate your qualifications to potential employers. MSGI credentials are fully authenticated and secure, offering instant validation for employers.
  • Provide details of the skills gained to earn your certification. Your credential provides a detailed account of your acquired expertise.

Empower your talent with MSGI

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