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Building Mindful Communities In The Workplace

member events May 13, 2021
Mindful community workplace

With the rise in interest in mindfulness, workplaces are increasingly introducing mindfulness to their staff and leadership. Recent reports show that most Fortune 500 organizations have introduced or are actively providing mindfulness programs to their staff. Some of the most successful workplace mindfulness initiatives have created thriving communities that help advance the interest and increase motivation to keep mindfulness top of mind within the organization's culture. This panel discussion will identify the value of focusing on community building in the workplace, explore the methods leaders have used in cultivating mindful workplace communities, and offer members an opportunity to engage in questions and responses.

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Featured speakers: Andrew McNeil, Ani Jamyang Donma (Ani J.), Tessa Watt

Andrew McNeil, Author, Mindfulness and Leadership Consultant. Andrew enjoyed a 20 year career in senior leadership primarily in the UK Civil Service. Having benefited from his own personal practice for several years, Andrew decided to share mindfulness with his peers and bring it into his leaderships and teams. Andrew published his book ‘Organizational Mindfulness – a how to guide’ in 2018, setting out his experience of implementing mindfulness at a structural level. In 2020 he launched the Mindful Workplace Community for the Mindfulness Initiative. The first international network for workplace mindfulness champions, the Mindful Workplace Community now thrives with members based from Poland to the West Coast of the US and with corporate support from members including Roche, HSBC, EY and Lloyds Bank

Ani Jamyang Donma, Samye institute, Rangjung Yeshe Gomde, Cooperstown and The Hospital for Sick Children. Ani J. is a Staff Inter-Faith and Buddhist Chaplain at The Hospital for Sick Children, providing ongoing spiritual support. Encouraged by the Senior Administration, Ani J. currently leads a hospital wide initiative called “The Mindfulness Project.” For this initiative Ani J. was awarded the prestigious President’s Award. 

Tessa Watt has 12 years’ experience as a full-time professional mindfulness teacher, leading training in workplaces across many sectors including financial services, manufacturing, civil service, pharmaceuticals, higher education, media and arts. She has taught mindfulness to MPs, Peers, and staff in the UK Houses of Parliament since 2015. Tessa has practiced mindfulness for 30 years and is the author of Introducing Mindfulness and Mindful London.

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