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Developing and Delivering Resilience Focused Mindfulness Programs

member events Nov 18, 2020
resilience mindfulness programs

Constance Porazka, Terri Duguay, Rachna Sethi and Michael Apollo will share their experience developing and delivering resilience focused mindfulness programs.

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Featured speakers: Constance Porazka, Terri Duguay, Rachna Sethi and Michael Apollo

1.Constance Porazka, Co-founder of Retreat to Joy. Constance began with a vision to make mindfulness an integral part of local corporate culture. This culminated into a mission to build and transform individuals and companies through mindfulness so as to help grow and creating a kinder Wichita.

2. Terri Duguay Managing Partner, Maigus Inc. Terris possesses over 20 years of experience as an Organizational Development professional. As a certified Personal Resilience coach and facilitator, Terri works with teams to strengthen personal and team resilience with the use of mindfulness concepts and practices resulting in more positive change experiences that enhance agility, performance, productivity and well-being. 

3. Rachna Sethi is a Mental Health Program Lead for the Ontario Public Service, a mindfulness teacher and free-lance writer, Rachna is passionate about sharing practical, mindfulness based practices that can be integrated into daily life. Since the global pandemic, Rachna has facilitated over 75 webinars to thousands of participants with the intention to support mental well-being and create space for connection. 

4. Michael Apollo RP, President and Founder of Mindful Gateway and A Mindful Society and now Mindful Society Global Institute. His work in organizations, academia, and building award winning technologies has introduced millions of people worldwide to the research and practice of mindfulness.

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