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Exploring Contemplative Traditions

member events Aug 25, 2021
contemplative traditions

Panelists Emma Ates and Arunas Antanaitis discuss what role does contemplative traditions have in contemporary mindfulness. We will explore how contemplative traditions can inform current mindfulness application, the importance of how to position your practice from a contemplative tradition when delivering mindfulness and how contemplative traditions could help advance or be a barrier to contemporary mindfulness. Following the panel, we invite you to stay online for an opportunity to connect with fellow members in a 30-minute open conversation.

This panel is offered in collaboration with AMS 2021: Revolve sponsor: School of Continuing Studies, University of Toronto.

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Featured speakers: Emma JM. Ates and Arunas Antanaitis

Emma JM. Ates is a registered psychotherapist, Canadian registered art therapist, and contemplative creative psychotherapist. She is in private practice (part-time) and offer services in both English and French at the Mindful Maelstrom Collab Clinic in Toronto. Emma is the founder and program developer of the Centre for Contemplative Creative Science. Her current research focuses on embodied mind training and philosophy of mind, contemplative psychologies and contemplative arts found in classical Mahayana Tibetan and Indian Buddhist systems, and Buddhist modernism (McMahan) including the latest research on Buddhist psychology, contemplative science, neuroscience, mindfulness- and compassion-based interventions. She is also an instructor for the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies Applied Mindfulness Meditation certificate, and the Toronto Art Therapy Institute. In 2017, she published Contemplative Photo Therapy: Group Intervention for Youth with Anxiety Disorders.

Arunas Antanaitis completed his AMM MIND (School of Continuing Studies, U of T) certificate program in 2014. He is a certified facilitator for the following mindfulness based programs: Smart Education; 16 Guidelines for Life; Transformative Mindfulness Methods; and Mindfulness Without Boarders. Arunas is co-director of Mindful Solutions for Change delivering mindfulness-based programs in the business community. He is also an associate facilitator at Mindfulness Everyday. Arunas is currently the director of the Centre for Compassion and Wisdom, a not for profit organization providing universal education programs through the Foundation of the Development of Compassion and Wisdom.

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