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How to Build Community as a Therapist or Facilitator

member events May 05, 2021
building community therapy facilitation

The sense of connection created in a group setting or between a facilitator and client has been shown to play an essential role in advancing the clinical and therapeutic benefits of mindfulness for practitioners. Although we know the benefits and importance of community, there is much left unknown about how we as facilitators and therapists go about building community. What is the role of community in mindfulness programs? How do you build community in-person and online? This discussion between the acclaimed author and clinical psychologist Dr. Elisha Goldstein and the Founder of the Mindful Society Global Institute, Michael Apollo, will explore these questions and includes an opportunity for members to engage in questions and responses.

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Featured Speaker: Elisha Goldstein PhD

Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D. is co-founder of The Center for Mindful Living in West Los Angeles and creator of the 6-month coaching program A Course in Mindful Living. He is a psychologist, author and speaker who synthesizes the pearls of traditional psychotherapy with a progressive integration of mindfulness to achieve mental and emotional healing. Dr. Goldstein contends that we have the power to transform our traumas and habitual patterns that keep us stuck in perpetual cycles of stress, anxiety, depression, or addiction and step into greater freedom and peace. He offers practical strategies to calm our anxious minds, transform negative emotions, and facilitate greater self acceptance, freedom and inner peace.

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