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Insights from the Field: Current and Future Developments in the Mindfulness Industry

member events Jan 17, 2022
future of mindfulness

Hear from the Program Director at University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies, of one of the largest collections of mindfulness and compassion programs anywhere. Jennifer Gordon will share her insights gleaned from managing a portfolio of over 100 courses annually. This interview will explore questions such as: Where are Learners working? What are the emerging trends and where are the opportunities in the field? How is demand for trained teachers and training changing? What is the selection process for new courses and instructors? The interview will be followed by approximately 15 minutes for questions.

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Featured Speaker: Jennifer Gordon, Program Director, Business and Professional Studies, University of Toronto, School of Continuing Studies

As Program Director for Business and Professional Studies, I am responsible for the creation, development and delivery of programs in Leadership, CFA and CSC Test Preparation courses, Public Health, Mindfulness, Human Services and Social Work. I enjoy photography, being out in nature and playing basketball.

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