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Latest Advances in Neuroscience Research: Embodied Mindfulness, Emotions and Mental Habits with Dr. Norman Farb

member events Oct 19, 2023
Neurscience, Mindfulness, Embodied Mindfulness, Attention, Emotions, Decentering

Staying informed on the latest advances in mindfulness neuroscience research can transform the way you perceive and practice mindfulness in your daily life and professional sphere. In this learning event, Dr. Norman Farb will explore the relationship between emotions, mindfulness, neural processes, and their impact on mental well-being and cognitive patterns.

This event explores:

  • Neuroscience evidence showing depression / sadness leads to avoidance of sensation, and why this locks us into unhelpful mental habits
  • How comfort with body sensation helps keep our attention and awareness alive even as it reduces the intensity of other forms of cognition
  • Different ways of understanding decentering and reappraisal and the implications on how these skills connect with bolstering wellbeing

Recorded on Thursday, November 9 2023

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Featured Speaker: Norman Farb PhD

Norman Farb, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto Mississauga, where he directs the Regulatory and Affective Dynamics laboratory ( He studies the psychology of well-being, focusing on mental habits, such as how we think about ourselves and interpret our emotions. He is particularly interested in why people differ in their resilience to stress, depression, and anxiety. Prof. Farb's work currently explores online training to support wellbeing, as well as neuroimaging to understand how emotional reactions predict mental health over the lifespan.

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