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Addressing the Climate Crisis with Mindfulness: Insights from the EU

free events Aug 28, 2023
inner green deal

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Join this FREE one-hour virtual learning event. Learn how to use mindfulness to develop the inner resources to address the climate crisis and develop constructive ways to take action.

This event is co-hosted by the Mindful Society Global Institute and Inner Green Deal, a non-profit providing mindful leadership development for Members of the EU/UK Parliaments and Fortune 500s.

Eco-anxiety and climate grief are rising as research continues to illuminate climate change and the growing need to take action. How can we develop the inner resources to address the climate crisis? How can mindfulness help? What constructive ways can we take action? 

Learning objectives:

  • Learn how mitigate eco-anxiety and climate grief and take sustainable climate action now
  • Understand how cultivating inner qualities, such as openness, compassion and courage, links to outer transformative action
  • Experience an “Environmental Compassion” transformative practice from MBST: Mindfulness-based Sustainable Transformation

Recorded on Wednesday October 4th, 2023 

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Featured Speaker: Liane Stephan MA, Co-Founder, Inner Green Deal

Liane Stephan MA is the co-founder of the Inner Green Deal, a non-profit organization providing training based on the premise that outer change is closely linked to inner change. Inner Green Deal was established to support the European Commission and its goal is to make participants more aware of the interdependence of all life on this planet. As an expert in exploring the inner dimension, Liane believes this is the path to social justice and a loving relationship with self, others and the environment.

Liane has been working as a consultant and process facilitator for companies for more than 35 years. Her focus is on leadership development, organizational development and coaching in combination with contemplative methods. She has a black belt in Aikido and has been practicing and studying contemplative methods since the age of 19, bringing this experience to her programs.

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