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Mindful Seeing in Nature - Practice Gathering

member events Sep 06, 2022
nature mindfulness

Experience a mindfulness and compassion practice focused on cultivating a greater sense of connection, ease and integration. This practice session will include a brief introduction, 20min guided meditation and follow with an optional open discussion. There will also be an option for members to introduce themselves and ask any questions about the Institute after the practice event.

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Featured Speaker: Michael Apollo, Founder, MSGI

Michael Apollo, MHSc, RP is the Founder of Mindful Society Global Institute, the A Mindful Society Conference and Mindful Gateway Consulting. His work in organizations, academia, and building award-winning technologies has introduced millions of people worldwide to the research and practice of mindfulness. Michael is the former Director of Mindfulness Programs at the University of Toronto, is a registered psychotherapist and is certified as a teacher mentor in mindfulness-based programs (MBSR and MBCT). 

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