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Body Scan Practice (12-min)

articles Mar 01, 2022
Mindful Society Global Institute
Body Scan Practice (12-min)

The body scan is a foundational practice. It serves two main purposes. The first is to build awareness for body sensations at a very detailed level. Most people don’t have a good sense of how their body feels because they only pay attention when it is seriously out of kilter. The body scan helps build an “early warning system” that signals the presence of stress and emotions before they are consciously recognized. The second function is to build control of attention, as the spotlight of attention is shifted from place to place around the body.


Guided Audio Practices Facilitated by Michael Apollo MHSc RP

Michael Apollo MHSc RP, Founder of Mindful Society Global Institute. He is the former Director of Mindfulness Programs at the University of Toronto, a registered psychotherapist and is a certified teacher and teacher mentor in mindfulness-based programs (MBSR and MBCT) by the University of California San Diego. 

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