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Brief Mindful Pause Practice (2min)

articles Mar 01, 2021
Mindful Society Global Institute
Brief Mindful Pause Practice (2min)

Brief Pause - Mindful Pause Practice (1-3min)

Taking a mindful pause teaches us to break the current trajectory of automatic behaviour and reactions in the workday and to check-in with our present state of mind and body. These micro-practices can help us and our teams reset, restore and sustain focus, cope and defuse stress and be more present in tasks and conversations. You can do any of these brief guided audio mindfulness practices by yourself, or if your team is open to it as a way to start a meeting mindfully. If working with a team and you do not wish to use a guided practice, follow these steps:

  • Keep the practice short (1-3mins or 1sec for every meeting minute)
  • Make the practice accessible by making the pause optional and inviting people to make themselves comfortable ie. turning off their cameras (if remote)
  • Provide options by letting people do whatever would be most helpful i.e. movement, sitting in silence, completing a task, getting a glass of water.


Guided Audio Practices Facilitated by Michael Apollo MHSc RP

Michael Apollo MHSc RP, Founder of Mindful Society Global Institute. He is the former Director of Mindfulness Programs at the University of Toronto, a registered psychotherapist and is a certified teacher and teacher mentor in mindfulness-based programs (MBSR and MBCT) by the University of California San Diego. 

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