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Practice Gathering: Mindful Resilience Amidst Forest Fire Anxiety with Natalie Thomas PhD

member events Aug 28, 2023

Discover resilience through mindfulness in the face of climate challenges. Join Natalie Thomas PhD, registered psychotherapist and philosophy professor, for an experiential session delving into the intricacies of forest fire-related anxiety. Together, we will gain insights into the emotional challenges individuals face, particularly the sense of confinement and unease that accompanies air quality warnings. We will explore how mindfulness techniques can help to manage anxiety and nurture resilience and well-being amidst demanding climate scenarios.

Learning outcomes:

  • Gain insight into the psychological and emotional challenges individuals face when dealing with forest fire-related anxiety, specifically the feelings of confinement and unease during air quality warnings.
  • Gain the toolkit and insights needed to build resilience against forest fire anxiety. 
  • Improve the ability to regulate and manage emotions during periods of forest fire anxiety and other environmental challenges. 

Recorded on Thursday, September 21st 2023

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Featured Speaker: Natalie Thomas PhD

Natalie Thomas has a PhD in Philosophy and has been teaching in areas of applied ethics for many years, as well as writing and developing courses in Environmental Philosophy and Ethics. She also specializes in animal ethics and has published in this area, and is a Fellow with the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics. In addition to this, she works as a psychotherapist and has completed two certificates in Mindfulness Meditation through the University of Toronto and is a regional coordinator for the Climate Psychology Alliance of North America. She has started facilitating climate cafes at both the University of Guelph and Humber College, and through her own private practice, Thomas Counselling. One of her current research interests is finding ways to combine these areas of study and expertise to create a mindful approach to working with climate anxiety and climate grief. Through both extensive research and personal practice, she is developing evidence-based and contemplative, compassionate methods for working with the challenging emotions that can arise from the suffering caused by the current climate crisis.

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