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Prioritizing Your Tasks Practice (6-min)

articles Nov 01, 2021
Mindful Society Global Institute
Prioritizing Your Tasks Practice (6-min)

Prioritizing Your Tasks (6-min)

The practice of prioritizing the top three most important tasks of the day helps to limit competing priorities pulling your attention by creating structure around what you focus on and what you choose not to focus on. Try this practice at the start of your workday. 

  • Take a few breaths with full awareness
  • Now, envision your day unfolding in a best case scenario
  • Reflect - is there time for deep work, time for technology, time for reflection or self-care?
  • Note the top three tasks or items that need to be addressed today
  • Identify the primary task or item that you will prioritize


Guided Audio Practices Facilitated by Michael Apollo MHSc RP

Michael Apollo MHSc RP, Founder of Mindful Society Global Institute. He is the former Director of Mindfulness Programs at the University of Toronto, a registered psychotherapist and is a certified teacher and teacher mentor in mindfulness-based programs (MBSR and MBCT) by the University of California San Diego. 

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