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Tech for Becoming

member events Apr 15, 2021
mindfulness and technology

As humans, we are always pulsing between being and becoming. From the earliest stone tools of our ancestors to present day smart devices, technology has long been a critical part of who we are and who we become. 

How can we intentionally apply the power of technology to improve our lives and the world while mitigating the unintended consequences? What needs to ‘unbecome’ from our current media landscape in order to make way for who we might become? How can we create a rich digital environment for exploration and engagement with mindfulness and compassion? And how can we mediate mindfulness without losing the vital student-teacher relationship?

After a brief practice, the panel will be broken into three parts. In the first part, each panelist will share a bit about themselves, their work, and their worldview. In the second part, panelists will ask questions of each other and discuss. At the end, we’ll encourage the audience to join in the discussion with questions and reflections of what’s been discussed.

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Featured speakers: 

Nicole Taylor brings a lens of creativity and wonder to her approach in communications. Her extensive study and practice of yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, and somatic awareness enhances her ability to communicate holistically. With a BA in Journalism from Rider University and an MA in Creative Writing from Arcadia University, she has been a strategic communicator for multiple organizations in education, healthcare, and organizational development.

Holly Rogers  is a psychiatrist and co-founder of The Center for Koru Mindfulness, an organization devoted to teaching mindfulness to college-age adults. The Koru Center prioritizes personal connection and inclusivity, and has developed innovative technology to inspire, guide and connect Koru students with each other and their teachers

Toby Sola is the CEO & Head Teacher at Brightmind. Brightmind is a premium mindfulness app. It's just as easy to use as Calm or Headspace, but the instruction is far more comprehensive, precise and practical. 

Jose Montemayor Alba is a Technical Artist, XR Developer and Learning Experience Designer, exploring and experimenting with the synergy between technology, science, art and spirituality for about 6 years. For this panel, he will be sharing his insights and lessons of a particular case study from a collaboration he did with the Mindfulness Centre of Excellence called 'The Death Incubator', which aim was to increase death literacy and create a safe container to explore fears associated with death and dying using a combination of modern technology and mindfulness practices.

Dr. Lawrence Ampofo is the CEO and founder of Digital Mindfulness, an innovation company focused on the real-world application of responsible and ethical technologies. His focus on business change, digital transformation and ethical technologies make him well-placed to discuss mindfulness and technology.

Host: Jay Vidyarthi, Design Strategist, MSGI

Jay Vidyarthi is an attention activist working toward a society where tools for self-care and mental health are as diverse as the people who need them. He believes mindfulness will empower individuals to reclaim choice in the attention economy. As a designer, Jay has helped launch mindful technologies like Muse: the brain sensing headband, Sonic Cradle, the Healthy Minds Program, and 10+ more. Jay serves on the advisory council for the Mindful Society Global Institute, he’s taught design at major educational institutions, and he has been recognized and featured internationally (Harvard, ACM, MIT, UToronto, Forbes, Vice, Fast Company, TED, etc).

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