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Virtual Connection Is Possible

member events Dec 02, 2020

An intimate conversation with a panel of three leaders in key spaces of digital connection: hosting online events, social media for good, and wellness in the digital age. Panelists discuss how to facilitate deeper connections online for ourselves and others. Hosted by Jay Vidyarthi, Design Chair.

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Featured Speakers:

Sarah Shewey is the Founder and CEO at Happily. She designs and scales communities. Experienced in all aspects of producing world-class experiences for the private, non-profit, and corporate sectors.

Nina Hersher is the Co-founder of the Digital Wellness Institute and CEO and of the Digital Wellness Collective, a global trade association of Digital Wellness experts and organizations collaborating to enhance human relationships through the intentional use and development of technology. Check out the Digital Wellness Institute's Digital Wellness Day Toolkit here.

Amy Giddon is the Co-founder and CEO, Daily Haloha. Throughout Amy’s management consulting and financial services career, she has sought to bring empathy into her workplaces, conversations with customers, and community networks. Troubled by pervasive loneliness and disconnection, she launched a startup, Daily Haloha, to help us find our way back to each other. The app is uniting thousands of people around the world in a daily ritual of empathy and belonging. Check out the Daily Haloha Social Wellness Stack here

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