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[Workshop] Managing Overwhelm: Sensory Awareness Strategies with Dr. Norman Farb

member events Jun 21, 2024

LIVE session: July 24, 2024

This 90-minute workshop provides practical tools to empower clients in managing overwhelm. Overwhelm, often perceived as feeling too much, is actually about sensing too little. Join Dr. Norman Farb, neuroscientist and co-author of “Better in Every Sense” as we delve into the brain’s response to stress, debunk misconceptions about overwhelm, and introduce sensory awareness exercises to restore balance and enhance mindfulness. Learn how this perspective shift can inform effective strategies to help your clients navigate overwhelm through sensory awareness.

Wednesday, July 24, 2024 at 4PM ET / 1PM PT / 9PM BST / 10PM CEST

In this workshop, you will:

  • Understand what happens when we become overwhelmed.
  • Learn why overwhelm stems from sensing too little, not feeling too much, and how to support clients in managing it.
  • Access and experience a sense-foraging practice that reactivates parts of the brain shut down by overwhelm, expanding the capacity to manage stress.


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Featured Speaker: Norman Farb, PhD, Author and Neuroscientist, University of Toronto

Norman Farb, PhD, is the co-author of “Better in Every Sense” and an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto Mississauga, where he directs the Regulatory and Affective Dynamics laboratory. He studies the psychology of well-being, focusing on mental habits, such as how we think about ourselves and interpret our emotions. He is particularly interested in why people differ in their resilience to stress, depression, and anxiety. Prof. Farb's work currently explores online training to support wellbeing, as well as neuroimaging to understand how emotional reactions predict mental health over the lifespan. 

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