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COURSE: Training The Mind Using Contemplative Visual Practices

courses on demand Mar 01, 2022

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Learn how to use forms, signs and symbols to train an open and flexible mind. Four-Module self-guided course with theory and guided practice.

Course Basics:

Our states of mind have a direct impact on our perception of self, others and reality. Investigating and understanding ‘forms’ (rupa) from the Buddhist perspective and how they inform the processes and conditioning of mind help to clarify and calm the mind. Observing, recognizing, and understanding the content and processes of the mind helps us to choose what mind patterns and habits we want to cultivate, and which one we want to abandon. It is important to regulate negative bias and choose what we want to nurture within ourselves, in relation to others and reality for our mental health and well-being. We’ll explore and engage in contemplative creative practices informed by both traditional Asian Buddhist meditation practices and Buddhist modernist practices, as well as the latest scientific research on contemplative science.

In this course, you will:

  • Learn how visual forms, signs and symbols impact your inner narrative
  • Practice using visual form to achieve clarity
  • Learn how Buddhism has led to Western contemplative practices
  • Use contemplative creative practices to help achieve calmness and well-being

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Emma JM. Ates is a registered psychotherapist (CRPO), a registered Canadian art therapist (CATA), a contemplative creative psychotherapist (CCCS) with over 20 years of meditation practice in Tibetan Buddhism, and 10 years as a contemplative creative instructor.  Since January 2021, she works in private practice (part-time) at the Mindful Maelstrom Clinic in Toronto.  Emma’s interests explore embodied mind training and philosophy of mind, contemplative psychologies, contemplative arts, and meditation practices found in classical Mahayana Tibetan and Indian Buddhist systems. Emma is the founder and program developer of the Centre for Contemplative Creative Science

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