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Mental Hygiene: An Embodied Practice for Cultivating a Healthy Mind

previous events Aug 31, 2021

This practice combines a body scan with a guided meditation to cultivate and nurture positive beneficial mind sets such as equanimity - a balanced mind, love and kindness, generosity and gratitude, joy.  The practice in this session will be 20 to 30 minutes, followed by a debrief. For this practice, please prepare your space in any way you are most comfortable: seated in a chair; mat and cushion, or lying down.  

Recorded on August 31, 2021

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Featured speakers: Arunas Antanaitis

Arunas Antanaitis completed his AMM MIND (School of Continuing Studies, U of T) certificate program in 2014. He is a certified facilitator for the following mindfulness based programs: Smart Education; 16 Guidelines for Life; Transformative Mindfulness Methods; and Mindfulness Without Boarders. Arunas is co-director of Mindful Solutions for Change delivering mindfulness-based programs in the business community. He is also an associate facilitator at Mindfulness Everyday. Arunas is currently the director of the Centre for Compassion and Wisdom, a not for profit organization providing universal education programs through the Foundation of the Development of Compassion and Wisdom.

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