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Practice Gathering: Breath Reconnection: A Journey of Sound and Mandala Drawing

member events Jul 01, 2023

Join us for an immersive experience that will reconnect you with your breath center through the captivating power of sound and the art of mandala drawing. Through specific breath practices and communal body image drawing, we increase our awareness and restore a healthy relationship with our breath. The aim is to heal and reinvent our bond with the breath, especially in the face of challenging events. As we explore this intimate connection, we also engage with music as an anchor and practice, fostering self-discovery and integration.

This practice gathering will include a contemplative art practice including sound and mandala drawing. Come prepared to be guided, to listen and to draw about your experience of the breath as a body image. No prior experience is needed.

Suggested materials:

  • A headset is helpful but not necessary.
  • A blank piece of paper and 2 additional pieces of paper with a large circle drawn on it, to provide a frame for your Silent Breathing and your Music for Breathing Exploration.
  • Drawing materials like pastels or crayons are necessary. I encourage having pastels on hand as this is a more forgiving drawing instrument for this type of exploration and discovery process.

Recorded on July 27 2023

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Featured Speaker: Bonnie Kowaliuk, BA, BMT, MBA, MTA, RSW – Consultant

Bonnie Kowaliuk is an eclectic mindfulness coach and leadership consultant with background designations as a registered social worker, accredited music therapist and business leadership consultant who over the course of the past 6 years has been exploring brain based approaches to learning, transformational leadership, health and wellness.

She has completed her training requirements relative to obtaining her designation as a Fellow of the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music which employs music assisted mindfulness and psychotherapeutic approaches to help address a wide range of issues from health and wellness to optimal learning and performance.

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