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Practice Gathering: “Relax, Reflect, Respond” A Path to Mindful Interactions and Relationships with Michael Apollo MHSc, RP

member events Aug 04, 2023

Join us for a guided experience to foster mindfulness in challenging situations, especially in interactions and relationships. The Practice Gathering will be led by the founder of the Mindful Society Global Institute, Michael Apollo MHSc RP. Michael will guide the "Relax, Reflect, Respond" practice designed to help people address challenging situations with calm, compassion, and clarity. Practice Gathering Overview: Introduction (5 min): Brief introduction to the “Relax, Reflect, Respond” practice and its potential applications in our everyday lives, especially during challenging moments and interactions.

Recorded on Aug 8, 2023

Event Overview:
Practice (15 min): Participants will be led through the "Relax, Reflect, Respond" mindfulness practice. This exercise is crafted to help you navigate through stressful situations, and aid in cultivating improved relationships, be it personal or professional.
Group Discussion (15 min): This optional segment provides participants an opportunity to share their experiences, insights, and explore how this mindfulness practice can be effectively applied in their daily lives. It's a chance to learn from the collective wisdom of the group.
Through this event, we aim to provide tools that allow for deeper self-awareness, improved mental well-being, and enriched relationships. We believe that mindful living can significantly contribute to a more compassionate, understanding, and harmonious society.
Join us for the Practice Gathering, and embark on a journey towards mindful interactions and healthier relationships.

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Featured Speaker: Michael Apollo MHSc, RP


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