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Shaping The Arc of Mindfulness: From Shame and Blame to Shared Values

member events Feb 18, 2021

Come and join Lynette Monteiro PhD for this presentation on ethics and mindfulness. The arc of mindfulness bends towards compassion for ourselves, others, and the world. Although rooted in Buddhist concepts and practices, contemporary mindfulness has evolved into a unique tincture for the relief of many forms of suffering. While its benefits are praised in medical and psychological worlds, there arise concerns when the practices are thought to be misconstrued or misused. In this presentation, I explore the subtle and complex moral message in mindfulness. By exploring our resistance to offering mindfulness programs to certain populations, I propose this resistance is a deeper expression of our values that points to cultivating skillful means and compassion.

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Featured Speaker: Lynette Monteiro PhD Psychologist

Lynette co-founded the Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic in 2003 with her partner, Frank Musten and they co-authored the book Mindfulness Starts Here. She is a practicing Zen Buddhist with a heritage in Burmese Buddhism. Her experiences as a child refugee integrating into Canadian culture has shaped and informed the importance of discovering shared values and honouring culturally unique expressions of those values.

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