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In this learning event, you will:

  • Learn four specific aspects of mindfulness that increase our ability to work with depressed and anxious states

  • Understand the latest research on mindfulness applied to anxiety and depression

  • Participate in a foundational mindfulness exercise from the upcoming MSGI online course Mindfulness Tools for Anxiety and Depression



Courses at the Institute (Live and On-demand)

Neurodiversity-Informed Mindfulness

Learn about neurodiversity, how different brain profiles experience mindfulness and gain access to guided audio mindfulness practices, scripts and a digital resource library 


Applying Mindfulness at Work                                    

Learn the latest science-based insights and workplace practices to reduce stress, strengthen wellbeing and improve focus and performance.                                                                         


How You Can Create a Practice That Lasts

Access the latest science-based insights and practices to help you create a practice that stands the test of time and gain the benefits of mindfulness.                                                                                     


Learn from best-selling authors, teachers and neuroscientists the

life-skills needed for transformation 

Dr. Daniel Siegel MD.

Best-selling Author, Neuroscientist

Sharon Salzberg

Teacher, and New York Times Bestselling Author

Thupten Jinpa Ph.D.

Best-selling Author, Professor

Sara W. Lazar Ph.D.

Author, Harvard Neuroscientist

The most successful people applying mindfulness in their work and life rely on a community of peers and access to up-to-date credible practices to stay ahead in the field and create lasting change. That's why we created the Mindful Society Global Institute. 

As a member, you will...

Find yourself in a supportive environment

Access mentorship and support with a community working together to create a mindful society.

Gain confidence and credibility as a leader

Engage with global leaders who can help you take the safest, most effective and up-to-date approach.

Receive fresh insights and curated resources

Advance your initiatives without spending hours combing over scientific papers and reports.

Socialize with an Inspiring Community

Even if you're the only mindfulness advocate in your community, you're not alone. Join our digital community and live-online social events to connect with like-minded people. Not only will you be able to share and exchange best practices, but you’ll start to feel like you’re part of a larger movement, because you are.

Join Live Learning Events with Thought Leaders

Join Live Learning Events with Thought Leaders
Learn how to apply mindfulness and compassion in different settings, making it accessible to people from all walks of life. Presentations, panels, ask-me-anythings, and guided practices from thought leaders will inspire you. There's no Mindfulness 101 here - this is all about being a better mindful leader, advocate, or facilitator in your community or organization.

Access Curated Monthly Themes and Credible Resources

Every month we address a major topic facing mindfulness practitioners with a collection of quality, evidence-based learning materials: Research summaries, contemplative frameworks, templates you can use, and inspiring videos. Previous themes include topics like "Safety", "Impact" and "Pedagogy".

What members are saying

Access a supportive community that helps you learn, introduce, teach, and advocate for mindfulness and compassion in society. 


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Be the first to learn about upcoming events, receive special offers and access our weekly Insightful Reads newsletters.

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