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Envisioning your optimal year ahead on demand

Contemplative reflection and envisioning exercises have been touted in wisdom-traditions and contemporary psychology as some of the most effective...

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Restoring Connection: The Practice of Loving-Kindness on demand

Join world-renowned teacher Sharon Salzberg for a talk on meaningful connection, a guided loving-kindness meditation focused on restoring...

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Neurodiversity and Mindfulness: Making mindfulness accessible to all on demand

It’s never anyone’s fault when mindfulness doesn’t work for them. Without considering our own and others neurodiversity when...

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Course: Applying Mindfulness at Work courses on demand

An Online Course Helping You Bring the Benefits of Mindfulness to Work

Access the mindful practices used by Fortune 500 companies to reduce stress,...

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Mindfulness in the Workplace: An Overview of Current Research with Dr. Ellen Choi on demand

This event offers an overview of research on mindfulness in the workplace over the last 3 years. 

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Reconnecting with Nature on demand

Connecting with nature brings us closer to our natural roots. We weren’t born to live in houses, fly in planes, or drive in cars. We are...

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How You Can Apply Mindfulness at Work on demand

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A fast pace and rapidly changing work environment can impact your ability to focus, deal with...

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Meditation and The Aging Brain: Using mindfulness to promote successful cognitive aging with Sara Lazar PhD on demand

In this talk Dr. Lazar will present data describing how practice of mindfulness meditation helps slow the effects of normal aging. In addition, she...

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FREE Virtual Event - Addressing the Climate Crisis with Mindfulness: Insights from the EU on demand

Join this FREE one-hour virtual learning event. Learn how to use mindfulness to develop the inner resources to address the climate crisis and...

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Advances in Evidence-Based Mindfulness Programs on demand

Dr. Zindel Segal, presents the latest advances in evidence-based mindfulness programs. This 1-hour online event is hosted by the Institute's Chief...

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Screen Inquiry Practice with Jay Vidyarthi on demand

Jay will lead us through a guided inquiry into our relationship with our screens. We’ll reflect on our physical and virtual environments with...

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Evidence for the Impact of Mindfulness on Individuals on demand

Dr. Judson Brewer MD PHD will join Michael Apollo for an informal 45 minute discussion exploring evidence for the impact of mindfulness followed by...

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Mindful Seeing in Nature - Practice Gathering on demand

Experience a mindfulness and compassion practice focused on cultivating a greater sense of connection, ease and integration. This practice session...

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A Mindful Audit of Your Daily Schedule on demand

In the speed and haste of work our daily schedules may become unintentionally filled with meetings and other items that do not promote...

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