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Authentic Relating & Circling - Practice Event

member events Nov 08, 2021
circling meditation practice

Join us in an introductory evening into the relational mindfulness practice of Circling. During this time of global pandemic and physical isolation, social connection doesn’t have to suffer. This evening offers an opportunity to explore human connection virtually and develop a new skill set in your mindfulness practice. Part meditation, part conversation; relational practice provides foundations for richer connection with self and others. The practice facilitates deeper present moment awareness and seeks to cultivate shared reality; both important components in authentic relationship.

Featured Speakers: Jasna Seishin Todorovic, Modern Monastic, Willow Monastic Academy

Jasna Seishin is a modern monastic, and serves as executive director at Willow Monastic Academy near Toronto. She deeply believes that emotional healing, authentic relational dynamics, and spiritual transformation are inextricably linked, and she is dedicated to bringing integrated transformational work to everyday life. She trains under Soryu Forall at the Monastic Academy for the Preservation of Life on Earth (MAPLE), and has done several multi-month solitary retreats. She is a teacher in the Monastic Academy system and a certified Circling facilitator. Her hope in life is to help people come into contact with what is truly important to them, and to live in ways that are in integrity with that.

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