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Social Mixer: Open-Mic Night

member events Dec 06, 2021

Join your fellow members for a fun, informal gathering. Share a poem, story, song or practice. Or, just come out and enjoy!

Monday, December 20th 2021

Featured Speakers: MSGI Members!

Call for our First Annual OPEN MIC!

It’s your turn! Let’s connect, have some fun and get to know each other a little better. At the Global Institute, we usually get to hear from leading minds in research, teaching and practice. This time, let’s gather to have some fun and to hear from each other. On December 20, we are hosting an Open Mic and we invite you each to take the virtual stage. Read a poem (does not have to be original), tell a story (or a joke), offer a practice. Do you sing or play an instrument, then offer a song.

Host: Michele Milan, Chief Curator, MSGI

Michele Milan has spent over 20 years in leadership development designing and delivering leadership and governance programs for governments, corporations and organizations around the world. She specializes in mindfulness for leaders and as MSGI's Chief Learner, she is responsible for learning design, content curation and hosting.

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