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Latest Advances in Mindfulness Neuroscience Research previous events

Dr. Jud Brewer MD PhD will join Michael Apollo for an informal 45 minute discussion exploring the latest advances in mindfulness neuroscience...

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Mental Hygiene: An Embodied Practice for Cultivating a Healthy Mind previous events

This practice combines a body scan with a guided meditation to cultivate and nurture positive beneficial mind sets such as equanimity - a balanced...

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Exploring Contemplative Traditions previous events

Panelists Emma Ates and Arunas Antanaitis discuss what role does contemplative traditions have in contemporary mindfulness. We will explore how...

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Taking an Integrative Approach to Delivering Mindfulness previous events

In this discussion with author and founder of the Consciousness Explorers Club, Jeff Warren, and Michael Apollo, founder of the Institute, we will...

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Haiku in Your Pocket previous events

Imagine for a moment how life would feel if you lived fully aware, fully present and fully connected to the immediate world around you. Haiku...

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Ubuntu Mindfulness: From the Cradle of Humanity previous events

How ancient Afrikan wisdom/ancestry has created the catalyst for inner growth, resilience and agency.

Recorded on July 8, 2021

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Annual Global Members Event previous events

Presenting the future year of Mindful Society Global Institute! This is a chance for you to hear from Michele and Michael as to upcoming members...

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Practice Event - Half-day Guided Retreat (+ Half Day Self-Guided Option) previous events

Join members of the Institute for a meditation retreat led by Michael Apollo, RP, Founder of Mindful Society Global Institute. The retreat will...

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The Evolution and Essence of Retreat previous events

The practice of retreat has been evolving. In the last year, the need to refrain from gathering physically has meant retreats have gone online....

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Maori Sound Healing Experience previous events

Jerome Puoro will offer a teaching about his cultural wisdom tradition and a live musical experience followed by time for questions. 


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Advancing the Field of Mindfulness previous events

An open discussion on advancing the field of mindfulness. What does it take for us as facilitators, advocates and leaders to be competent and...

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Integrating Mindfulness in Government and Politics Globally - The Mindfulness Initiative Story

With the release of the landmark “Mindful Nation UK” publication by the Mindfulness Initiative presenting the impact of mindfulness...

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