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How to Build Community as a Therapist or Facilitator on demand

The sense of connection created in a group setting or between a facilitator and client has been shown to play an essential role in advancing the...

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Tech for Becoming on demand

As humans, we are always pulsing between being and becoming. From the earliest stone tools of our ancestors to present day smart devices,...

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In Discussion On Suffering and Mindfulness on demand

Join Michele Chaban MSW/RSW (retired/retraite), PhD and Michael Apollo, RP for a practice event exploring suffering and mindfulness. This one hour...

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Mediating Suffering with Mindfulness and MBI's: A Clinical Perspective on demand

Join Jackie Gardner-Nix MB.BS., PhD, MRCP(UK) and Susan Woods MSSW, LICSW in discussion, offering a clinical perspective, on mediating...

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Happiness Independent of Conditions: A pragmatic, accessible, and mindful approach to relief from suffering on demand

In this program, Marcy Crawford, Senior Teacher, Unified Mindfulness will explain Shinzen Young’s classic formulation for the cause...

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Mindful Society Global Institute
Brief Mindful Pause Practice (2min)
Brief Mindful Pause Practice (2min) articles

Brief Pause - Mindful Pause Practice (1-3min)

Taking a mindful pause teaches us to break the current trajectory of automatic behaviour and...

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In Discussion On Ethics in Mindfulness on demand

Join Michele Chaban MSW, RSW, PhD and Michael Apollo, RP in discussion on Ethics in Mindfulness. This discussion will explore the ideas...

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Shaping The Arc of Mindfulness: From Shame and Blame to Shared Values on demand

Come and join Lynette Monteiro PhD for this presentation on ethics and mindfulness. The arc of mindfulness bends towards compassion for...

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Embodied Mindfulness: Ethics from the Heart on demand

Craig Mackie MSW/RSW guides an exploration of how to embody the teachings of ethics. Embodied mindfulness: ethics from the heart will be...

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Making Money with Integrity on demand

Join Allan Goldstein and Michael Apollo for a hosted session where you can bring your questions and your curiosity because these experts are...

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Elevator Pitch Workshop: Clearly Express What You Do and How You Can Help in 30 Seconds or Less on demand

Come prepared to work on your elevator pitch in this interactive workshop guided by Rita McDowall and Michele Milan. An elevator pitch is...

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Offering Mindfulness Services: What You Need To Know To Start or Expand Them on demand

Whether you are curious about or have started to offer mindfulness sessions, talks or services in the workplace or community, this may seem like a...

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Mindful Movement with Yogility on demand

This mindful movement practice session explores mind/body connection and focuses on mobility, stability and strength to prevent injury and...

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