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COURSE: Training The Mind Using Contemplative Visual Practices courses on demand

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Learn how to use forms, signs and symbols to train an open and flexible mind. Four-Module...

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Altruism & Compassion: Latest Advancements - Discussion with James Doty M.D. on demand

James Doty MD, Founder and Director of Stanfords Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education, will join Michael Apollo for a 45...

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The Kind Act of Choice, The Art of Trauma-sensitive Mindfulness on demand

Experience a trauma-sensitive practice led by a seasoned facilitator. Understand the importance of a trauma-informed approach on your practice and...

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Building a Livelihood Based on Mindfulness on demand

In this event, Institute Founder Michael Apollo, will share the varying different ways people are building a livelihood with mindfulness. Michael...

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Insights from the Field: Current and Future Developments in the Mindfulness Industry on demand

Hear from the Program Director at University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies, of one of the largest collections of mindfulness and...

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Befriending our experience with Mindfulness and Compassion - Practice Gathering on demand

Experience a mindfulness and compassion practice focused on cultivating a greater sense of connection, ease and integration. This practice session...

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Social Mixer: Open-Mic Night

Join your fellow members for a fun, informal gathering. Share a poem, story, song or practice. Or, just come out and enjoy!

Monday, December 20th...

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Authentic Relating & Circling - Practice Event

Join us in an introductory evening into the relational mindfulness practice of Circling. During this time of global pandemic and physical...

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Impact of Contemplative Practices on Ego Maturity - Presentation with Sara Lazar PhD on demand

The ego matures and develops over the lifetime through a series of 10 stages. In this talk I will describe this process, and also describe ways in...

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Mindful Society Global Institute
Prioritizing Your Tasks Practice (6-min)
Prioritizing Your Tasks Practice (6-min) articles

Prioritizing Your Tasks (6-min)

The practice of prioritizing the top three most important tasks of the day helps to limit competing priorities...

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From Start to Finish: Mindfulness, Stoicism and the Creative Process on demand

Over the course of this session, journey with the Stoic Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius Meditations as your inspiration. Connect to the work of...

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Evolutionary Creative Problem Solving on demand

In recent years many of our personal lives have been disrupted – and as well collectively, humanity is facing huge challenges. Concrete...

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Mindfulness-based Interventions – Moving from Health Outcomes to Self-Transcendence on demand

In many compassion meditations, the meditator focuses on growing and extending love and compassion for others. In Benefactor Practice, a...

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