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3 Mindsets Needed for the Climate Crisis articles

In this perspective article, Michael Apollo shares his encounter with environmentalist Dr. Dorothy Rosenberg, and highlights the three mindsets...

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Compassionate body scan for mental wellbeing and flourishing member events

The Body Scan holds an important position within evidence-based mindfulness programs that help decrease stress, pain, depression and anxiety and...

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8 Steps to Self-Empowerment Amidst Climate Change articles

In these times of environmental uncertainty, eco-anxiety is on the rise with many not knowing what steps to take. Here are eight steps to quiet the...

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The Role of Mindfulness in an AI Future articles

As technology gains momentum globally, its impact on humanity and the environment are put into question. We explore the future of AI and how...

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A Practice to Support Someone Who is Suffering articles

Supporting someone who is suffering can be lonely, exhausting and disheartening. Here is a compassion practice to help ease some of the stress and...

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How to Support Those with Trauma-Based Chronic Pain articles

It's important to be mindful in the way we engage and communicate with chronic pain populations. Here are strategies to approach chronic pain...

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Four Strategies For Anxiety and Depression When Facing Chronic Pain articles

Chronic pain can lead to mental health challenges and these 4 strategies can help.

Chronic pain is a persistent and ongoing pain that lasts for...

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Course: Managing Chronic Pain with Mindfulness

A LIVE-Online course to deepen your insight into mindfulness practices informed by the complexities of chronic pain and trauma.


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Exploring AI and Human-led Guided Mindfulness Practice member events

This practice gathering provides you with an experience of a guided evidence-based mindfulness practice led by a certified mindfulness trainer and...

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AI and Mindfulness member events

As mindfulness practices gain more popularity and AI technologies continue to advance, it’s natural to wonder what happens when the two...

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6 Mindful Sleep Strategies When Facing Chronic Pain articles

Getting a good night's sleep is essential for overall health and well-being. Research has shown that sleep plays a critical role in physical and...

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How to Support Chronic Pain with Mindfulness free events

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Join this FREE virtual learning event to learn the science-based practices of how you can manage chronic pain mindfully.


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4 Ways Mindfulness Can Help Manage Chronic Pain articles

What is chronic pain?

Chronic pain is a persistent pain that lasts for weeks, months, or even years. Unlike acute pain, which is a normal response...

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Course: Creating a Practice That Lasts

A LIVE-Online course to deepen your practice and empower a new way of living mindfully 

In this course, we’ll not only be deepening...

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