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[Workshop] Managing Overwhelm: Sensory Awareness Strategies with Dr. Norman Farb member events

LIVE session: July 24, 2024

This 90-minute workshop provides practical tools to empower clients in managing overwhelm. Overwhelm, often perceived...

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[Real-World Case Study] Living Well with Chronic Illness: Mindfulness and Health Coaching with Deborah Bircham member events

 Join us for an inspiring Real-World Case Study event featuring Deborah Bircham
DipCNM, Dip.Hyp, mNCIP, mANP, a health coach and mindfulness...

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[Peer Mentorship] Applying Guided Imagery Techniques for Pain Management member events

LIVE Session: Wednesday, June 12th, 2024

This member-driven mentorship session focuses on applying Guided Imagery Techniques for Chronic Pain...

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[Workshop] Guided Imagery for Chronic Pain Management member events

This workshop will help you leverage the power of the mind to reduce suffering, both mentally and physically through the practice of mindfulness....

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[Workshop] Mindful Inquiry: Enhancing Psychological Flexibility & Self-Regulation member events

In this dynamic workshop, participants will delve into the principles of mindful inquiry, exploring its application personally and professionally....

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[Peer Mentorship Session] Applying Mindful Inquiry in Practice member events

This member-driven mentorship session focuses on applying Mindful Inquiry skills in your professional practice. It's a 75-minute facilitated...

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[Practice Support] Deepening Mindful Awareness with Inquiry member events

This Practice Support workshop offers a personal exploration through inquiry, a method of questioning that enhances an individual's experience of...

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[Peer-Mentorship] Neurodiversity-Informed Mindfulness member events

 This member-driven mentorship session focuses on applying Neurodiversity-Informed Mindfulness skills in your professional practice or...

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[Real-World Case Study] The Mindful Clinic: Enhancing Patient Well-being with Psychotherapy and Mindfulness Practices member events

 This case study follows our featured member, Dr. Ludmila Vokac, a physician who after recognizing the profound impact of mental health on...

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[Workshop] Compassion & Neurodiversity-Informed Mindfulness member events

This will explore the essential role of compassion practice in neurodiversity-informed mindfulness. Inspired by her recent work, Sue will...

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[Workshop] Breath Anchors in Neurodiversity-Informed Mindfulness member events

This workshop explores practices developed in the science-backed research on neurodiversity and mindfulness. We will experience a practice and...

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[Workshop] Interoception & Alexithymia in Neurodiversity-Informed Mindfulness member events

This workshop explores inclusive language and accessibility practices within group settings. The exploration will focus on body awareness...

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[Workshop] Mindful movement “off the cushion” in Neurodiversity-Informed Mindfulness member events

This workshop will explore practical movement practices tailored for neurodivergent communities. Emphasizing the importance of accommodating...

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[Workshop] Developing Client Emotion Regulation Skills member events

This workshop will equip health providers and mindfulness facilitators with practical tools to empower their clients to manage dysregulation from a...

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